Chastre is a French-speaking municipality in Belgium that is located in the Walloon region, in the province of Walloon Brabant. Its name comes from the Gallo-roman word castra “fortress, fortified camp”, from the Latin castra which is the plural form of castrum meaning “entrenchment, fortified place”. Chastre is a rural and at the same time residential municipality, with 7,684 inhabitants. Chastre comprises seven former villages: Chastre, Villeroux, Blanmont, Cortil-Noirmont, Gentinnes and Saint-Géry. It is crossed by the old Chaussée Brunehaut, a Roman way that connected Bavay to Cologne.

Vacation rentals in Chastre

Vacation rentals in Chastre Farmhouse


Vacation Rentals 4 Bedrooms 8 Sleeps Belgium Namur Gembloux Wavre near Chastre

Gite in an old farmhouse from the 19th century, offering a breathtaking 360° view of the countryside. Take the old Roman road

Vacation rentals in Chastre The Stables

The Stables

Vacation Rentals 2 Guests in the Countryside near Louvain la Neuve near Chastre

A mixed immersion: a modern and warm interior combined with the decor of an old 19th century farmhouse with a giant screen.

Vacation rentals in Chastre The fabric

The fabric

Vacation Rentals 2 to 4 Guests with 2 bedrooms in Gembloux near Chastre

Come and enjoy a relaxing moment with your family or friends. Let yourself be surprised by the mix of modernity combined with the charm of the old beams.

Vacation rentals in Chastre Trio


Vacation Rentals 7 Bedrooms 15 Sleeps, 3 Kitchens Belgium near Chastre

Located on the edge of Walloon Brabant and Namur, in an authentic hamlet. Come here for a family or business meeting.

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