Welcome to this fantastic house available for medium to long-term rent, fully equipped and furnished to provide you with optimal comfort. As you step inside, you’ll be greeted by a warm and functional atmosphere.

On the ground floor, explore a 6m2 office space, equipped with a large table and chair, perfect for those in need of a home office setup. The 15m2 living room is furnished with a comfortable sofa and two armchairs, creating a friendly relaxation spot.

The 25m2 dining room features a substantial oak table surrounded by six chairs and a large buffet unit containing all the essentials for enjoyable meals: plates, glasses, cutlery, and more. The elegant 2m2 entrance welcomes your guests, and the 25m2 kitchen is fully equipped with a coffee machine, refrigerator, freezer, gas stove, electric oven, and much more.

The ground floor bathroom, covering 6m2, includes a large bathtub and a bathroom cabinet, providing a private relaxation space. A 1m2 storage room contains useful equipment such as a fire extinguisher, broom, and vacuum cleaner, ensuring the safety and cleanliness of the house.

Upstairs, three spacious bedrooms await. The first 15m2 bedroom is furnished with two single beds of 90200. The second 20m2 bedroom also has two single beds of 90200, which can be joined according to your preferences. The third 12m2 bedroom offers two single beds of 90*200. An 8m2 landing completes the upper floor, providing additional space.

Finally, a second 5m2 bathroom upstairs ensures convenience for all house residents.

This fully equipped and furnished residence offers an exceptional living environment for your medium or long-term stay. Feel free to enjoy every carefully thought-out detail to make your residential experience as pleasant as possible.


Ground Floor

Office (6m2):

  • Spacious workspace with a large table
  • Comfortable chair for productive hours

Living Room (15m2):

  • Cozy setup with a sofa and two armchairs for relaxation

Dining Room (25m2):

  • Impressive oak table surrounded by six chairs
  • Large buffet with complete tableware for convivial meals

Entrance (2m2):

  • Elegant reception area for welcoming guests

Kitchen (25m2):

  • Fully equipped with a coffee machine, refrigerator, freezer, gas stove, electric oven, and more

Bathroom (6m2):

  • Roomy bathroom featuring a large bathtub and bathroom cabinet for private relaxation

Storage Room (1m2):

  • Handy storage space with essential equipment: fire extinguisher, broom, vacuum cleaner

Upper Floor

Bedroom 1 (15m2):

  • Two single beds (90*200) for a comfortable night’s sleep

Bedroom 2 (20m2):

  • Two single beds (90*200) that can be joined for flexibility

Bedroom 3 (12m2):

  • Cozy room with two single beds (90*200)

Landing (8m2):

  • Additional space on the upper floor for various uses

Bathroom (5m2):

  • Amenities provided for the convenience of all residents