Cotage on in Chastre

Cotage on in Chastre Located in an authentic hamlet, attached to the village of Sauvenière, La Cense de Baudecet is a former 19th century operating farm, offering unobstructed and unobstructed 360 ° views of the countryside. Take the old Roman paved road, let the chickens cross the road freely and arrive deliciously for a timeless stay. The link to our page in Chastre

Chastre in Chastre Chastre is a French-speaking municipality in Belgium that is located in the Walloon region, in the province of Walloon Brabant. Its name comes from the Gallo-roman word castra “fortress, fortified camp”, from the Latin castra which is the plural form of castrum meaning “entrenchment, fortified place”. Chastre is a rural and at the same time residential municipality, with 7,684 inhabitants. Chastre comprises seven former villages: Chastre, Villeroux, Blanmont, Cortil-Noirmont, Gentinnes and Saint-Géry. It is crossed by the old Chaussée Brunehaut, a Roman way that connected Bavay to Cologne. in Chastre